2022 Newest Start up Sequence Led Flexible DRL Strip Tube with Indicator for Car Headlight Accessories

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The RGB /RGBW chasing led drl strip tube from a specially white silicone tube which looking unique and superior quality .The conventional drl strip tube on the market has only one layer, so that the leds can be clearly seen and customers do not like this. But our drl strip tubes have two layers, one is to protect the leds, and the other is to achieve the diffuser effect. Such drl strips are more favored by customers. Flexible. Bendable. Shapeable. Flex drl strip tubes can be molded and contoured to fit any surface. IP67 weatherproof rating ensures your car will be noticed rain or shine. Our led strips can make you car out from the crowd.

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1.2022 newest start up sequence led Flexible DRL strip tube with indicator for car headlight

2.Material: white silicone +SMD 5050 strips

3.LED chip: sk6812

4.Sizes available:30cm, 45cm, 60cm ( it can cut to any size for customer)

5.Colors Includes: Multi-color +pure white

6.Package :2 x led white silicone drl strip tube +bluetooth controller with regulator

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* DC12V power supply

* Turn signal and daytime running light for the chasing led drl strips tube

* It can add start up sequence for the strip tube

* It has two layer , so it is diffuser for leds

* Phone controlled via blue-tooth

* Customized products(customized light,customized driver,customized program,customized controller)

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It can also be used as lighting around headlight lamp, tail stop brake light, fog light or under the bumper to give your vehicle an impressive look as European LED daytime driving/running lights (DRL) 

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Steps for usage

Available for Android/Apple:

1.Scan the QR code on the controller to install the APP

2.Connect the aperture to the 12V power supply

3.Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth and APP (iOS & Android mobile phone allows new connections)

4. Wait for 10 seconds to automatically connect to use

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If These lights will require you to open up the Headlight and reseal them. No Instructions Included. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended!

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