App Control Chasing Flow Led Clear Coating Halo Rings for Dodge Charger Accessories

Short Description:

Material: Clear diffusing gel +PCB board +back 3M tape
LED chip: sk6812
Sizes available: 50-180mm
Colors Includes: Multi-color +pure white
Package: 2 x clear coating halo rings +bluetooth controller with regulator

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The clear coating halo rings with smooth and clean glue, the led light color looks brightest, even centralized spot, no noise, no dark shadows. The RGB/ RGBW 5050 led halos can be adjusted the solid color /chasing mode/ turn signal and daytime running lights. If you have any special requirements for led lights. We will tell you with great confidence that we can customize it for you, because we have our own engineers and designers, we can customize lights of any shape and function. Our engineer spend a lot of time focusing on the research and development of regulator, and we have more protection technology for the LED, so for the full circle led halo rings with lowest defective.  Our mission is bring you the most innovative products using the latest automotive lighting technology. Help you make your car stand out from the crowd. Provide you with the highest quality products at unbeatable prices.


1. App control chasing flow led clear coating halo rings for Dodge Charger accessories
2. Material: Clear diffusing gel +PCB board +back 3M tape
3. LED chip: sk6812
4. Sizes available: 50-180mm
5. Colors Includes: Multi-color +pure white
6. Package: 2 x clear coating halo rings +bluetooth controller with regulator

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* DC12V power supply

* Turn signal and daytime running light for the clear coating halo rings

* It can add start up sequence for the halo rings

* Clear diffusing gel

* Phone controlled via blue-tooth

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Steps for Usage

Available for Android/ Apple:

1. Scan the QR code on the controller to install the APP
2. Connect the aperture to the 12V power supply
3. Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth and APP (iOS & Android mobile phone allows new connections)
4. Wait for 10 seconds to automatically connect to use

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Led Clear Coating Halo Rings can be used as daytime running lights, turn signal lights, headlights, fog lights, speaker decorative lights etc. And fit for Slight shot, ATV, Jeep, Truck , sports car, commercial vehicle etc. Professional design, featuring high accuracy, stable performance and high reliability.


If you are installing these in headlights or tail lights, professional installation is strongly recommended. 365 Days limited warranty on all of our products.


One year warranty on all of our products.

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